Saturday, October 16, 2010

Steampunkery Heels, Perfectly Darling

Fashion. Fashion. Fashion.
Female Steampunkery Heels

Now, we must know that I do adore fashion! 
It is absolutely unacceptable to step out the door without a proper walking dress and parasol.
Or for today... pj pants with cute penguins.
Yes, they are cute but keep them inside, PLEASE!

I leave you with a few pairs of delightful
heels that will have you wanting to leave your door step in full
female beauty!!

Sassy Brass
Steam Powered
Cute and Steamy

Sinister Soles

Which pair of these most beautiful heels would you love to get your feet into?

Because we know I would love to have each pair of these 
Steampunkery heels for myself!

*Evil Sinister Grin*

A lady can never have enough foot wear!


  1. awesome rocking post.

    i'm going with the second pair b/c if you're going to go steampunk you might as well go all the way, :)

  2. They are some incredible shoes. I want them all! Will agree with Nomes' logic above though. :)

  3. Ah, yes. The steam powered heels are amazing to behold. They even match with just about every walking dress. I do hope they do not pinch.

    Mad Scientist

  4. i love the last pair :) They look like the only ones you could actually walk in...of course i'd put boots with my steampunk gear any day!!

  5. Oh Carrie, I am saving boots for a future post ;)

    You'll love it!

    Mad Scientist

  6. OK, those have to be the most awesome shoes ever. I would own (and wear) each and every one of those!

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