Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review... Of The Music Sort.

Guitar Girl

By: Sarra Manning
Publisher: Dutton
Hardcover 217 Pages
Book Art:  I thought the book art was simple and fresh.
Tags: Young Adult, Music, Coming of Age

Reason Why The Mad Scientist Picked Up This Book:

The book art peaked a interest while I was browsing the GoodReads swap.

First Line:  There's a stack of folders piled up on the desk in front of me.

Concoction of a Review:  
The first line was hardly what I would call gripping.  *sigh*  However, I did enjoy how Mistress Manning's prologue was what was going on to our young Rocker Molly Montgomery at the present moment, then the story proceeds as she tells us what her life was like through her year of fame.
My name is Molly Montgomery.  I'm nineteen years old, and I'm being sued for £ 5,000,000 by my former record company...
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*Gasps*  Now my gloved hands are shaking in great anticipation. I simply could not image little ol' me being sued for such a grand amount.  The premise has such great potential. Sadly the book fell a slight bit short for me.

Our narrator is Molly is a young lady of 17 along with two of her close friends, Tara and Jane, start a girl revolution band.  At first this band was just for them.  After their first unofficial gig bad boy Dean and quiet T help the girls smooth out some kinks and become apart of the band, "The Hormones".  *Hmmm* Named after the emotional problems the youth pine their problems on.*tsk tsk*

"The Hormones" finds a manager, signs on with a record company, and tours very quickly.  Molly and her band members are launched into fame full throttle.  Molly is a force who is leading the band while trying to stay on task to empower other girls who are not noticed to started their own bands.  Her parents are cautious, she has mixed up feelings for Dean *grins*, and ends up snogging the band's manager (Paul) *grins evilly*.  Although, Molly is very immature in worldly manners.  The details about the claim to fame (harsh truths) and essentially behind the scene details were pretty interesting. 

Dean Dean Dean, *shakes head* I do not think your are a chap worthy of Miss Molly.  However, I did find that the battle between the immature I like you but I should not because the manager said not to be a tad interesting.  I felt the frustration over the odd attraction that Molly was going through.  Swooning over a fellow is hardly easy.  What is a girl to do?

"The Hormones" do hit fame but with most bands it too crashed and burned.  Mistress Manning writes about a harsh novel about being a teenage rock star in a realistic manner with bold characters that do not fall into a cookie cutter backup.  The book leads into a warning to the youth showing some consequences of becoming a rock star and showing that it is not what is all cracked up to be.


"I wrote about what I knew.  And what I knew was that boys never fancied you back, and that working weekends in the Best Buys convenience store was slowly sucking the soul out of me, and that there wasn't a problem in the world that couldn't be helped with coprous amounts of choclate."

"I felt like I was about to go naked into battle."

I acutally had a theory that I'd sprung forth fully formed from teh froth of the ocean, but my birth certificate tended to discount that theory."

"I'm going to... actually, I don't know what I'm going to do, but it wont be pretty, and it will contain language that some people may find offensive."

  3 Blasts

A mildly entertaining book that is good for a different read but beyond that I will not find myself reading this one again.

*My next concoction of a review will be of the adult sort.*


  1. I love the cover art and idea of this one too - although i've read one Sarra Manning and found it good in parts and just okay in others. so - not sure, hey?

    i love the layout of this review and the quotes! I love reading quotes!


  2. Did you mean the neat accordian link thingy on my blog? (Accordion Widget)

    You can make one here -

    by putting in your site info and then copying the embed info and pasting to your blog. :)

    It's cute and easy to do once you have code to work with.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Oh, it is fun to find new unique books to read. And who doesn't like music. It looks like it is a quick read and then onward to the next in the pile!


    Black Disaster Fairy

  4. I hadn't heard of this one. Sorry if fell a little short for you :(

  5. It was just a bit different. I think I was hoping for something and this book offered something different.

    Hence, one of the reasons why I do not read synopsis. No much false hope there.

    Mad Scientist


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