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Book Review: Gene War


By: Bonnie Rozanski 
Published: August 29th, 2010
E-Book 231 Pages 
Book Art: The cover makes compelte sense once you read the book.
Tags:  Adult, Science, Genetic Engineering, Dystopia 

First Line:  New York City wakes up.

Why the Mad Scientist Read this Book:
I'm reading this book by request of the author.  I'm so honored and simply glad she asked!  **I was giving nothing for this review.  It is all Mad straight from the cogs and gears of the  Mad Scientist.**

Concoction of a Review: 

The Mad Scientist stayed true to herself and did not dare to read the synopsis of Y.  I jumped right into this E-Book not knowing a single thing about it.  But I will let you in on the wonders behind this delightful book, in a science sort of way .  Ok, in a epic proportion sort of way.  Epic is really not drastic, we almost lost the male species in Y.  Now, I am a independent woman who is in love with science, but even I admit that would be utterly devastating.  Who would I swoon over? 

*Puts hand on chin*  I do say... what would happen if we did loose the male species?  *shrugs*  Luckily, we do have authors who have a special knack for creating the most drool worthy fictional boyfriends for those of us who do not have a wonderful fellow.  
The Mad Scientist devoured this book.  The science aspect of this book was like a text book on a hookah for me.  I do love science and my wheels were turning around every problem that presented itself in the book.  No worries... My dear Bonnie breaks down the science quit nicely.  So, no need to know anything about science to enjoy this book.

I must admit that I was not too fond of the prologue.  I was shaking my head and almost wanted to put the e-book down to knit.  If it was a darling book instead of my lovely Nook it probably would of been launched over the shoulder.  Ok... that is drastic.  However, even after finishing the book I still do not get the prologue.    Skip it and you will have a 5 Blast Rating.

Skipping the prologue, we enter into a beautiful story with most wonderful characters that had this way of making the twists wrap up and intertwine into beautiful circles, following several different families throughout the catastrophic events of probably male species extinction.  Sometimes I knew where the story was headed but most of the time Bonnie shocked me right out of my trousers.  Dare I say, I just loved it!  The science unfolded over time and the action of it all held your nose in the book, dying to know what happens next.

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Of course with many characters the Mad Scientist was bound to love and dislike a plenty of them.  Deborah is an OBGYN, a wonderful character, although that is my mothers name so no matter how she wrote her I pictured my dear old mommy.  (Surprise, I did not come from a test tube.)  Surprisingly, this did not turn me off in anyway but made me like her even more, especially with the idea that my mom knows anything about science.  Yeah, right!  *Smirk*  She is a tax person.  Deborah is married to Larry, a data base smartie with some amazing digital gadgets.  (Furturistic Steampunk gadgets?)  He was a bit too ideal of a man for me.  Then there was Same who was a character bordered on the edge of like and not sure.  But I Loved him!  He was interesting and well *gasp* he shocked me tremendously.  It was just wonderful to get that jolt of excitement... too many books that you can guess what happens out there.  Not this time.  However, The Mad Scientist cannot say if she agrees with what happened to him.    

Then there was Bill, what an donkey butt!!  He is a man that will make you barf all over John, the other donkey butt of the book.  Beware of these two.  They are the reason females dislike the male species, sexist much?  

Where would we be without the characters we love and love to hate?  They work so well together making the story work in that crazy wonderful way that we crave.

The Mad Scientist loved the book so much, minus that darn prologue.  Bonnie Rozanski's book has a wonderful array of personalities, rape, bombing, so many scientific plots, cloning, science research, females running CEO & Government positions, domestic abuse, and a few small romances.  Y is a different sort of book and it was something I needed right now to spark and fuel me for this coming month.  If you want to read about a world going to the female population & the people in it then this book has it all plus more.   

4.5 Blasts

Really a Scientific Fiction novel smashed into a 
dystopian book makes the Mad Scientist really happy! 
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She looked around her at the pulsing, coursing flow of people, and thought, it's like one giant bloodstream, all of us feeding the same organism, New York City. - pg 5

Anyway, figure out how many females the average male can reproduce with, - let's say 40 times... "40?" Steven repeated incredulously. - pg 214



  1. Sounds like a great read! I love your "Save a tree read an e-book" icon - where did you get it? I may have to use it, if it's ok with you, of course. What do you have for an e-reader?

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  3. Hmmm... this definitely sounds like an interesting book! Great review!

  4. Whoa. This looks and sounds so different and interesting. Great review.

  5. What an interesting premise...sounds like I might just have to put this one on the tbr list!

    Great review!

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