Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Your Status No. 1

What's Your Status?
is a brand new MeMe started by my wonderful Blogger Pal

Basically it is a weekly what did I find myself buying, finished reading, what The Mad Scientist is currently reading, and probably what I think will be read next.
This includes books, audio, and ebook form for me.

From Borders
Edited by John Skipp

Finished Reading:

E-book by Bonnie Rozanski

Finished Listening to:
By Lauren Weisberger
(Bought from the library sale for $1.00)

Currently Reading: 

E-Book By Lori Brighton 

Here is a Link to a Grand Review by the Blog For The Love of Reading
By our Glorious Jen the Bibliophile

Currently Listening to:

By Louise Erdrich
(Native American)

From PYR:
By James Barclay
By James Barclay 

From Net Galley:
E-Book By Zilly Rosen
E-Book By Shelley Aikens
E-Book By Bonnie Dee

Up Next:

E-Book by James Barclay


What is going on here?

I am trying to get a fun challenge going for 2011.

Reading Bucket List Challenge
January 1st 2011 - December 31st 2011
Steampunkery & Book Reviews 

Easy Sign up with just a comment.

I hope you find it worthy.

Also a wonderful Giveaway of the Steampunkery Sort!!

 Soulless and Changeless



Closes Dec 10th
So, the winner will have a dear Christmas present from the Mad Scientist.


  1. Stopping by to say hi and say I have an award for you :)

    Versatile Award

  2. That Zombies book has a hella creepy cover! Love this post, Ms. Scientist! :)

  3. That zombie cupcake book looks so cute. I'm curious now about what the rest of the cupcakes look like.

    I love the new meme. Here's my recap.

  4. Sorry that this is a week late. Haven't had time to look at last week's post. Anyway, awesome post! ~Zakiya


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