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Review... Protectorate No. 2


By:  Gail Carriger
Series: Parasol Protectorate No. 2
Title: Changeless 
Published: March 30th,2010 By Orbit
Pages: 374 Paperback
Book Art: A utterly wonderful cover! 
Tags:  Steampunk, Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Adult

First Line:  "They are what?" Lord Conall Maccon, Earl of Woolsey, was yelling.  Loudly.  

Concoction of a Review: 

Jen:  Ms. Gail Carriger does it again with her second novel, Changeless, starring none other than the illustriously wonderful Alexia Tarabotti and her marvelous parasol. After I finished Soulless, the first in the series, I could do nothing other than race to the nearest bookstore and purchase my very own copy (as the library was sorely lacking) of Carriger's Changeless.

Mad Scientist:  You could me sporting my bustled derrière *pops parasol* and new pink and black parasol fashioned in honor of our lovely heroine the day Changeless came out.  I was full of curiosity and excited.  I could not wait to get some more Scottish delight!  

Jen:  I immediately began digging into the yummy little paperback of Victorian Steampunk, "vampires, werewolves, and dirigibles". A most excellent collection of characters consume this urban fantasy novel and if given the option, I would like nothing more than to jump head first into 1870 Great Britain as long as I were to have Lord Akeldama hosting me with tea and his drone Biffy, a connoisseur of all things lovely, available for fashion advice.

Mad Scientist:  Lord Akeldama is just a brilliant character.  He was a character that also had me hooked.  I could not wait to get more of him.  *Gasps*  What am I saying?  I loved every character!  I actually had a particular fondness for Madame Lefoux, owner of a hattery - Chapeau de Poupe, which provides more than just Victorian hats.  I admit Madame Lefoux is my muse!

Jen:  I was much depressed at my inability to finish the book in one sitting, but the weekday hodgepodge forced my submission, but I was able to finish it the next morning. Upon finishing, I was rather disheveled and upset and for the life of me I didn't know what to do with myself until Blameless, the next in the series, was out this past September.

Mad Scientist:  Oh my dear Jen, perk up because the adventure continues even after Blameless.  Our love of these most delightful characters will be around for a while longer.  Steampunkery will be had in a wonderful inky goodness form.

Jen:  All I can say is Carriger, you naughty little female, you have done me in with your most suspenseful plot and endearing characters, but why oh why must you torture me with your turn of events cliffhanger? It has suffused me with outright indignation and utter vexation at Alexia's latest predicament for although Lord Maccon has had a place in my heart, I feel as though I must fling him henceforth into an abyss...the brute!

Mad Scientist:  Truly a brute!  His Scottish gruffness is just too much.  *fans self*  Be still my beating heart.  I think it is about to jump out away from me.  As much as I wanted to see more of this scruffy werewolf in this novel I was happy to get to know our lovely Alexia more.  

Jen:  I will say no more, as it would be a shameful disaster to give away any of the deliciousness found within the 374 pages. My last words on the matter are, readers of Changeless may want to clear their schedules before they begin Carriger's novel because if it leaves you anything like it left me, you will find yourself wide eyed and breathless throughout!

Mad Scientist: Jen, you have it put in the most truthful manner.  This book is unbelievable.  The plots twist in unique ways, a mad scientist makes an appearance, and we have goggles & fashionable hats.  You will not want to put this book down nor will you be disappointed.  Trust us, you will jump in the carriage as soon as you set this book down for Blameless. 

As you can see, my goodness I hope so, through our reviews that this series is not to be missed.

A big Thanks to Gail for writing this lovely work of inky goodness.
You can visit Gail's website here.
You can visit Gail's GoodReads profile here.
A big Thanks to Jen for working with me on this review.
See her original review here.

5 Highly Deadly Most Wonderful Blasts.

Do NOT miss out on this book/series!
Parasols, goggles, and a Mad Scientist!!!

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  1. I've yet to read this one, but I love the joint review! Brilliant job :)

  2. Changeless is the next on my list. Already looking forward to it.

  3. Nice. You sold me with that last line.

  4. Great review ..i'll put the whole series on my Tbr List (cuz it's that aswome )

    Btw :I came from Steampunkery- a giveaway from Little Eclectic Me(

  5. Thanks, I still think the first in the series is my favorite, but this one was so twisted. After the ending I was ready to do some man punching.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  6. Oooh! 5 blasts! Excellent! I am really in love with the series! :)

  7. It's great to know that the sequel is just as good. I'm more excited to start this series now.

  8. This review was just as absolutely delightful as your combined review of Soulless! Thank you so much for sharing your views and I'll tell you once more, I simply must have these books for Christmas! I'm writing Santa tonight. I just HAVE to find out for myself what Lord Maccon has done!

  9. I loved this book! Awesome review. Was I the only one that wanted to smack Alexia's sister? LOL

  10. Love the, love, love the cover. All wonderful Thanks.

    Jessica @ Laugh Love Write


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