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An Interview to Be Had & Giveaway!

The Mad Scientist teamed up with Candace for Steampunkery Month at Candace's Book Blog
Every so often you will see my handwork located around her blog throughout this month.
This interview is one of those pieces.

I am sharing it with you here,
But you enter to win on her blog :)
Head on over to her blog to try out your LUCK!!!!!

Plus there are many other Steampunkery 
Giveaways the Might interest you! 
We all enjoy reading a great book because it lets us escape to a new world.
We do know how I love some good time travel :)
Another way to escape is to dive into a creative outlet. 
For me, I scrapbook my memories hoping the boys will enjoy it years to come.

Another way is to put yourself into a piece of jewelry to share with others.

Little Eclectic Me is a wonderful shop on ETSY.  
Yes, I recommend that you go check it out.

We are also graced and honored to have a small interview with the shop owner and creative mind behind such Steampunkery items.

All of you most wonderful followers will have a chance to win a Steampunkery necklace that will punk up your wardrobe in not time.

You lucky gooses, You!


A few moments with Little Eclectic Me:

Mad Scientist & Candace:  We just love the name of your little shop, Little Eclectic Me, how did you come by this particular name?

Little Eclectic Me:  I've been told a lot in my life that I have always had an 'eclectic taste'. But I know they meant I just can't make up my mind lo. I love everything from steampunk to loli to goth and much more. Its hard to just settle on one style when there is so much to explore in the art world.

Mad Scientist & Candace: Mad Scientists absolutely agrees with you.  The fun part is mixing everything together.  What do you think Candace?

What or why did you get into crafting such beautiful pieces? Do you have supportive family and friends that cheer you on?

Little Eclectic Me: 
It started out just to see if I can do it and ended up being an addiction. My boyfriend and his mom have been super supportive and also the ones to push me when I start to slack off a bit. 

Mad Scientist & Candace:  Slack?  We would like to call it creative rehabilitation.   Which is allowed.

Steampunkery is a wide genre, how (why) did you find yourself interested in it?

Little Eclectic Me: 
I always loved to see the old made into the new. There is something about seeing parts of a old watch that can no longer work made into a piece of art that is just amazing. I especially like it when people can take pieces and parts of all types and create something that actually has a new function. It blows my mind away every time.
Candace: Now for a fun question everyone wants to know.  If you were trapped on a deserted island (because we all want to be) what 3 items would you want to have ship wrecked with you?
Little Eclectic Me: 
I would have to say a case of Coca-Cola (another addiction of mine), my laptop, and a sketch book. 

Candace:  My lips are sealed at the mention of soda pop.  *grin*

Can you name a favorite book or author?

Little Eclectic Me: 
Kelly Armstrong would have to be my favorite. I love how she mixes the supernatural into the 'normal' world.

Mad Scientist: Oh, I have read one of her wonderful books.  She had me glued to the pages.  

What are you favorite things to create?

Little Eclectic Me: 
I love to create necklaces. They are the one piece of jewelry that will stand out over the rest. Earrings can hide behind the hair and bracelets aren't really at eye level too often. But necklaces can become the center because a lot of the time with many types of outfits.

Mad Scientist:  We must know... What is your favorite color?

Little Eclectic Me: 
It would have to be pink lol. Most people that meet me will say that is weird since pink is the one the I wear the least of.

Mad Scientist & Candace:  Last but not least. *sigh* Yes, there has to be a last.  What creative outlet do you want to learn? (Provided there is one you do not know how to do.)

Little Eclectic Me:  Wire wrapping is one thing I know I would love to learn. I'm trying but that is definitely a tough one for me to wrap my head around.

Here is a sample necklace from the Little Eclectic Me shop.
A Steampunkery  piece that will look lovely with most outfits!
If you love the dangling key like I do then it is a grand day.

Enter to win a bit of Steampunkery for your life. 

Here is how, yes, there are rules silly!
Open Internationally!
(though her shop is not yet set up to ship internationally she is currently working on it.)
Must be 13 or older to enter
Contest ends 11/25
You may leave one comment for all your entries, except the additional daily tweets, of course.

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Disclosure: Neither of us are responsible for assuring the item is received.  As we don't have the item in hand we can't stand by it's quality and condition.  But we are both convinced this is a fantastic shop and the owner will do her best to assure the item is received in perfect condition.
Until next time,
Candace and Mad Scientist


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