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Reading Bucket List Suggestion Box

 The Reading Bucket List Challenge!!

Suggestion Box
& some info.

You are wondering why the Mad Scientist is creating a Bucket List challenge on a Steampunkery blog.
Well, I suspect that Steampunkery is just a given for me. 
However, I would never say it was for anyone else.

Back on track Scientist....

I was thinking why not create a Reading Bucket List.
I did a bit of searching and I did not find anything like I am thinking up.

The laboratory is trashed since this is still a work in creation.
Mad Scientist would like your helping hand.
Assistants if you will, Igor's.

Bucket List Challenge 
will be from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011.
(Following years if it is a success :))

However, in order to make this a challenge for everyone...
I need to know what is on your bucket list.

Don't fret if you do not think of many things right away.
I plan on leaving the suggestion box open all year so there will always be new items added
to the Reading Bucket List.

Cross off as you go and add more.
I think that is a most wonderful plan.

Toss around some ideas.  
Make TBR books that have been on the list for years fit into your bucket list suggestions.
The Mad Scientist will love to help you get some books read.

The blue printed plan consists of monthly Mr Linky sign ups so you can add your review to a list.
At the end of each month I will randomly pick from each of the reviews for a giveaway.
(Giveaway: Books that I finish for my Bucket List, from publishers, Donations & such.)
Yes, the more reviews you have up the more chances you have to win the giveaway.
It looks like some months there might be more then one giveaway.

So, there is just another MAD idea created right here.

Toss your suggestions to me whenever you think of some.

Trust me I want ALL of the ideas rolling around up there.
The more we have, the more you have to choose from, the more you get to read, the more you review, the more you add to Mr Linky, the more chances you have to win, the more you win, the more books you get in the mail, the more you read, the more you review.... and so on on on on.

Yes, Truly Mad!!!
Your Steampunkery Laboratory

PS... That just a button prototype.  It is not nearly what I was thinking... Let me know what you think.  How can I make it better?    

Tentative Bucket List

**All of the books can be read as Young Adult, Adult, or Mixed**

Read a Book in the Following Genres:
1.       Art
2.       Biography
3.       Chick-Lit
4.       Children’s
5.       Classics
6.       Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga
7.       Coming of Age
8.       Contemporary
9.       Cookbook
10.   Crime
11.   Erotica
a.       M/F
b.      M/M
c.       F/F
d.      F/M/M
e.      M/F/F
f.        F/F/F
g.       M/M/M
12.   Ethnic
13.   Fantasy
14.   Historical Fiction
15.   Historic
16.   Memoir
17.   Military
18.   Music
19.   Mystery
20.   Non-Fiction
21.   Philosophy
22.   Poetry
23.   Religion/Spiritual
24.   Romance
a.       Young Adult
b.      Contemporary
c.       Historical
d.      Short Story
25.   Science Fiction
26.   Steampunk/Cyberpunk/Alternate
27.   Suspense/Thriller
28.   Travel
a.       North America
b.      South America
c.       Europe
d.      Asia
e.      Australia
f.        Africa
29.   Utopia, Dystopia
30.   Young Adult

Read Books with the setting or half the setting in the following areas:
1.       Beach/Island
2.       Abroad (any country but US or where you live)
3.       Outer space
4.       Fictional World
5.       Book Store
6.       Clothing store
7.       Forest
8.       Inner City
9.       Country
10.   Carolinas
11.   Desert
12.   England
13.   Restaurant
14.   High School/College

1.       Winter
2.       Summer
3.       Fall
4.       Spring

1.       Various Times (ie Time Travel, Youth to Old)
2.       Past/Historical
3.       Present/Contemporary/Modern
4.       Future

Read Books with the Colors dominating the Book Cover:
1.       Green
2.       Blue
3.       Teal
4.       Red
5.       Black
6.       White
7.       Purple
8.       Pink
9.       Brown
10.   Grey/Silver
11.   Yellow
12.   Orange

Read Books with Designs/Themes dominating the Book Cover:
1.       Stripes
2.       Polka Dots
3.       Animals
4.       Fruit/Vegetables
5.       Clouds
6.       People Kissing
7.       Sunset/Sunrise
8.       Flowers
9.       Rain/Lighting
10.   Children’s
11.   Trees
12.   Only the Title of Book & Author
13.   Sexy Male
14.   Sexy Female
15.   Triangle Relationship (Clean Romance, Romance, or Erotica)
a.       M/M/F
b.      F/F/F
c.       F/F/M
d.      M/M/M
16.   House/Building
17.   Assassins
18.   Surfing
19.   Mountain Climbing
20.   Crafting (scrapbooking, knitting)
21.   Movie (book turned movie)
22.   Family
23.   Cheating (getting caught)

Read Books with the Paranormal Themes:
1.       Angels
2.       Demons
3.       Ghosts
4.       Zombies
5.       Vampires
6.       Werewolves
7.       Witches

1.       Finish a Series you stared
2.       Start and Finish a series you start in 2011
3.       Start a Series
4.       A popular Series

Re Read:
1.       Re Read a Favorite
2.       Re Read a Book you read in High School/College
3.       Re Read a Book you read in your youth
4.       Re Read a Book that you didn’t enjoy the first time
5.       Re Read a Book you forgot what it was about
6.       Re Read a Classic
7.       Re Read a Series

Reading Short Stories:
1.       A single Short Story
2.       Anthology of Short Stories by the same author
3.       Anthology of Short Stories by different authors

Other ways:
1.       Read a e-book
2.       Listen to a Audiobook
3.       Read a book on the computer/phone
4.       Read to someone else


  1. Oohhh sounds like a great idea! I'll definitely be interested in participating. :)

  2. I think it's a great idea! I actually was thinking I need to find a challenge where I can get a few books off my shelf (well, read at least) that have been there for YEARS.

  3. This sounds really cool! I might be joining (:

  4. Great idea! Will have to think about doing this one!

  5. Suggestion:

    Something with technology.

    computer or cell phone related I think would be something to fit in the growing techno stuff.

    Black Disaster Fairy

  6. nice idea!
    I just wanted to let you know that I found this blog through the Steampunkery contest at Candace's book review blog...

  7. So have we started and do we just start picking through the list? or do you assign something? I'm raring to go on this one! I've been waiting since you posted it!


  8. For countries add Scotland and Russia. I didn't see read a classic just re-read a classic. And read a classic that's been altered like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. There are some bad ones, but I just saw one out for Romeo and Juliet and Vampires I think. Anyway, check it out from the library.

    Heather in Sandwich

  9. I've got a great technology one that just came out! It's called
    The Samantha Granger Experiment: Fused by Kari Lee Townsend. It's about a girl that gets fused with her cell phone when she touches a meteorite while talking on it. She has some crazy things happen. It's a MG book but its a really fun book. I'm getting ready to do an interview with the author and a giveaway of it.

    Buried in Books

  10. Okay every time I look at your blog I look at those damn cookies and I think I have to make them because although I can't eat chocolate my children are sugarholics and I think homemade is better than store bought with all that crap they put in them. And I might be able to eat one. A day. If I drown it with a lot of milk then the migraine won't hit. Where are you? you have not responded to my comments! Are you baking again???? Actually, you're probably sleeping. I'm an insomniac.

  11. Oh, saw classics. Sorry how about mermaids? Goblins? Pixies? Serial Killers? No one be offended please as I have one- a book with mental illness in it. There's a list on Good Reads all about that. I have one called A Blue So Dark that has a mother with a mental illness. It's supposed to be very good. Just haven't had time to read it.

    Unicorns, Dragons, Shifters


  12. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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