Monday, November 29, 2010

Save A Tree Read An E-Book

Save a Tree – Read an e-book Button

  The most amazing project and page has come to my attention recently!
Please do take the time out to check out this page.
At For The Love of Reading they are starting up a page
where everyone can add a link for E-Book Reviews & visit other E-Book Reviews.
Just grab the button, a save a tree stamp of awesomeness if I do say so myself, and plaster it on your review proudly.
 From now on you will see it all over my blog!

I think it is the most amazing thing!! 
(Besides for lovely parasols.)  
For people out there with any E-Reader I am sure that you would agree with me that it can be an amazing feeling when you get to read some inky goodness and be able to save a little bit of a tree at the same time.

Of course, I know nothing will be able to replace a real book but this is a very good step for helping out the next generation.
This is a brand new project so it is very much in the early stages.
However, if  they get more people interested they will find E-Books for giveaways.
Plus... They are hoping to find a tree company/organization to work with them.  
For a certain number of reviews linked up in some way a tree will be donated or planted in honor of the project and the people who care about saving some trees.
How Simply Wonderful is That?

A E-Book review will be featured about every two weeks on their page as well.
If you are an author who has a E-Book and is interested in being featured,
Please send them an e-mail.
The lovely ladies at For The Love of Reading have plenty of time on their hands and I never meet a bunch of ladies with such a great variety of books under their belts.

If you have an E-Reader or read any type of electronic books head to For The Love of Reading and add your review.  



  1. As a Kindle owner, i love that i save a tree everytime i get a new e-book for it (which is often) i am so putting the button on my blog!

  2. Very cool! Makes me want to go out and buy and E-Reader just to save the trees. Unfortunately I can't afford one being the jobless highschooler that I am.

  3. thank you for the follow, i much appreciate it <3

  4. Love it! I'll link up when I use my Kindle!

  5. That sounds fantastic - thanks for the intro, I'm desperately addicted to my kindle!

  6. This sounds great - thanks for letting us know about it! I'd love it if you'd be a part of my zombie month. May is Zombie Awareness Month, so I'm thinking I'll plan it for then. Let me know how you'd like to participate! cla37619 at gmail dot com

  7. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! I just bought my Nook, and I'm excited to help the environment in my teeny little way :)

  8. I will be putting this up over at my blog and on my ebook reviews. I'd say about 60% of the books I review are ebook versions.

    Beginning Dec. 1st there is a big Indie giveaway going on. Many are ebooks (not all) so if you have an ereader or need more ebooks to review, this is a great site and contest to visit.
    Take a hop over and browse. :)

  9. Oh Cool. I have a older sony and I have the Kindle app on my ipod so I save quiet a few trees. Going to post this on my blog.

  10. MadScientist, I have to say, that is a FABULOUS Steampunk Christmas button at the top of your blog!
    I don't have an ereader yet. It seems all of my gadgetry money goes to the youngster. I'm hoping by my birthday in February to be the proud owner of one of the many ereading gadgets.
    I do however read ebooks on my computer from time to time and have bought ebooks from Amazon as well as accepted ebooks for review and read them on my trusty HP desktop :-)
    Great Post! I'll be sharing the button on my blog as well.

    -The Happy Booker

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