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Book Review... Ghosts, Witches & Poltergeists? Oh my.

 The Ghost Hunter

By: Lori Brighton
Published: Smashwords - Amazon
E-Book 194 pages (Nook)
Cover Art:  Yummy, oh yes, Lickable!
Tags: Fallen Angels

First Line:  Considering the place was at least three hundred years old, she supposed it could have been worse.

Why The Mad Scientist Read this Book:

Mad Scientist picked up this book by request of the author.  It is simply wonderful to be asked to review a book.  **I was giving nothing for my review, it is all Mad thoughts straight from the cogs and gears of the Mad Scientist.**

Concoction of a  Review:

The Ghost Hunter crawled right into me in such a way that I could not stop thinking about it.  In a good obsessive way mind you.  Every night until the book was complete I would wake up just to get in another chapter to sedate my appetite.  It was a wonderful love story intertwined with all of my favorite paranormal creatures of the night.

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Ashley, our lovely heroine of the story, left her old life behind her including a finance walk up to a pub that she inherited once her father died.  However, she was not expecting it to look older then England itself.  Once she talked herself out of selling her new *gulp* home to another and running to the Caribbean to relax she set out to find out what really happened her father. 

Our seemingly normal  headstrong Ashley can see and talk to ghost.  Of course, this is only normal when you are... what I am kidding?  It is not normal.  As much as she tried to run from this sight she unwilling embraced, I mean her pub was teaming with ghosts who were rather hard to ignore.  Ashley learns that she cannot part with this part of her no matter how hard she tries.  The ghosts were a most enjoyable part for me.  I did desire to see them more in the book, especially one particular ghost.  *grin*

Now it is time to swoon, Cristian is a swelling mass of manly muscles that make a ladies knees want to give out.  He is also a Angel on earth who helps ghosts move on to the other side.  He was there to take care of business but it was rather delicious to watch him fight his need for Ashley.  I also rather found myself laughing out loud at his predicament, his mannish need to *um* release was relentlessly never happening.  *smirk*  But we know he is up to nothing anyone would consider too good so the Mad Scientist doesn't feel too bad for him.  *bigger smirk*

These two are completely attracted to each other but there stubbornness keeps them from admitting it to each other.  I honestly admit that this was a wonderful change.  The Mad Scientist is just too thrilled to see the romantic strain string threw the whole novel.  *ahh* it made it so much fun to read.

Lori, hun, now I just loved everything the plot, the characters, and the dynamic twists that I left out for you to find out about.  Which the Mad Scientist really highly recommends that you do!!  Sincerely, loved everything!  Except very minor details, mostly with the romance scene.  I really wanted more diverse description.  After awhile I counted how many times Cristian "crushed" his mouth to Ashley's.  7 from the time I started counting.  Mad Scientist wanted more description in the hot heavy and steamy scenes!!
 City wakes up.

4.47 Blasts

The Ghost Hunter was “fanfreakingtastic”!


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How she wanted to take those damn golden curls and wrap them around her scrawny neck.

Well, are you going to tell me or just sit there brooding like some romance novel hero?

She was such a cliche old witch.  She was surprised her house wasn't made of gingerbread and candy.

Ghosts, witches, and poltergeists?  Oh my.

She was so tired of these odd replies that only brought up more questions.  It was like having a conversation with the Mad Hatter.

Cristian closed his eyes as he resister the urge to turn, to step closer to her like a druggie looking for a fix.  His drug of choice?  Woman.

Hell, who was she kidding; not even Frankenstein would feel at home in this pub of horrors.


  1. Ok. Sold. I want this now! Excellent review :D

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad when people get my stories:)

    I'll tell you a little secret...when I first wrote this book it was in first person. I decided to switch it to third, which was no easy feat. Because of that, I think that's why, at times, the description might be lacking.

    As a side note, I have The Ghost Hunter on sale until Dec. 20th for only 99 cents!

  3. This one sounds borderline AMAZING! I definitely want to read it, great review :)

  4. Funny enough I'm reading this right now! Lori sent it to me awhile ago but I finally was able to squeez it in. I'm really liking it but I'm a little annoyed at the "fanfreakingtastic" for some reason. But I do have to say that I'm enjoying the story quite a lot!

  5. ooh, this sounds so good! thanks for sharing the quotes!

  6. Hi, thanks for your comment on As the Crowe Flies and Reads! Your blog is quite visually stunning. I've only read a few steampunk novels so far but hopefully this blog can point me towards more great ones in the future since I'm now following you.

  7. Great review! I'll have to grab this one as well. Love the indie badge too!

    --Donna @ The Happy Booker


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