Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Morbid - Romantica Challenge

Morbid Romantica Challenge - 2011

This challenge is going to have 12 focuses for the year. 
One for each month :)

We will try to focus one each theme during the month.
However, you can cross off books for anything theme as you go.
Challenge is easy and will be fun!!
Crushing Romantica - Read 3 books for each theme.
Hopelessly Romantica - Read 6 Books for each theme.
Morbid Romantica - Read 9 Books for each theme.

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This should be a fun challenge!!


January:  Nephilim

February:  Vampire Hunters

March:  Tormented Hero

April:  Faery & Elves

May:  Zombies

June:  Shifters

July:  Strong Females

August:  Mermaids & Selkies

September:  Dark Gothic Fantasy

October:  Ghosts & Spirits

November:  Steampunkery Romantica

December:  Forbidden Romantica

Extras :

If you do not think you can find enough books for the featured themes.
Feel free to try one of these.

The Mad Scientist even might toss one of these in
every now and then!

Sometimes it is just too hard to decide!!

Forbidden Romantica
Morbid - Grotesque - Deform
Stalker Romantica
Bad Boys
Witches & Warlocks
Highlander Romantica


  1. SO much fun! I love the idea! I try not to "officially" join challenges because I always end up forgetting, but I'm going to participate as much as I can!

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun I have so many going on I just hope I can do them all - will do my best

  3. Can the books be read out of order? For example, can I read a January themed book in May and still count it? Thanks


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