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Macon Ravenwood - A Gentleman of the Incubus Nature

Hey everyone, this is Noah and it is my turn to start off this next week of BC/BD reviews of books, characters and thoughts.  Today we are starting off with a character post of Uncle Macon from Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness by Jen the Bibliophile over at In the Closet With a Bibliophile.  If you want a refresher course, you can find her interview with the talkative and vivacious MS by CLICKING THIS LINK HEREOtherwise, carry on and read her post of Uncle Macon, fully known as Macon Melkizedek Ravenwood.  Cheers!
Noah - The Victorian Punk

I don't know how many of you have read the wonderfully fabulous Caster Chronicles by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, but If you haven't, you should definitely give it a try.

This particular post is going to be about one of my favorite characters from the book - Uncle Macon. I've always loved his character, I think it's because he is so freaking quirky. I think I just have a thing for those with a slightly demented soul. And Macon Melchizedek Ravenwood is indeed a demented soul with a slight touch of tormented thrown in. In both books, we find so many levels to this secondary character and I feel that it gives him a depth that makes him even more interesting and tantalizing than some of the other characters of the book.

Now, don't get any ideas, I'm not going to divulge the dirty details about his back story, because what would the fun be in that. But I will say, that in book one, Macon is selfless and loves Lena more than anything. And well, in book 2, we get such an amazing twisted story of him whilst following a crazy trail of breadcrumbs that it will make your heart crumble just thinking about it. Seriously, I wouldn't mind being with the sexy southern incubus who tries to keep away from blood and steer clear of monsterdom. But then again, you all know my affinity for hot men. *prrrr*

Okay, now, I don't know if you are wondering about why I posted these pictures, but for me, this is what I imagine this sexy gentleman would look like. Possibly with all the quirkyness of Captain Jack Sparrow added in (yes, I know these are pictures of Robert Downy Jr.). And, might I say that I've always had inklings for older men, so if Macon ever becomes available on this realm, I'm definitely going to be in that line (uuuuhhh, that is if Hubby doesn't mind *big grin*).

For those who have read the first book, did you all notice House? How he/she seemed to be internally linked to the desires of this southern gentleman? I found it such an interesting idea that a house will conform to a specific person, create an atmosphere that is appealing to that person. I don't think I fully got how House worked until I read book 2 though (I'm a bit dense at times). But wasn't it wonderful?!

At last I would like to say, I absolutely adored Macon's dog, Boo Radley. He seemed to be
part human and part animal, and we find in book 2 that he is a Caster animal. Well, in his case, a Caster dog. My favorite part of him was the description of his eyes. Like they seemed to contain the knowledge of ages within them. *pets dog - what a good boy*

So, this is my little post about the dearly attractive Macon Melchizedek Ravenwood. For more on him, House and Boo Radley, pick up the Caster Chronicles and find out about Macon and his deep dark secrets. And maybe get a good surprise too!

For my favorite parts highlight box below...warning SPOILERS INSIDE!!!!!!

I was absolutely floored in the first book when Macon would rather die than have Lena go dark. And he would've too, if she had made her decision.
Also, that whole crazy love affair with Macon and Ethan's mom was super insane. I felt bad for Macon, but I feel a bit bad for Ethan too. Like there was so much his mother knew and she kept him and his father in the dark about it. About all the Caster stuff. But I don't think it was easy for Ethan to find out about his mom and Macon.
Lastly, that ball that can contain an incubus was freaking awesome! And it was super trippy at the end when Macon pops out! Still love him though. He is so sensible with a hint of crazy...

"Darkness does not leave us easily as we would hope."
-Macon Ravenwood
"It's not easy to be Light when you've been Dark. It's almost too much to ask anyone."
-Macon Ravenwood


Um, I do say, I don't know if I fully agree with everything Jen has said concerning Macon, but I would agree with quite a bit of it.  I wonder if MS decided I should start off this series of reviews because she most decidedly knew Jen would discuss Macon from a slightly uncomfortable view for me.  She does enjoy watching me squirm, that little devil!  Still, Jen, love, I do agree with Macon and his different personality.  Brilliant review *minus the animal noises*!
Noah - The Victorian Punk


  1. I've only read BC so far, and while I enjoyed it, I didn't absolutely LOVE it. I loved certain characters and plot points, but that's about it...I certainly enjoyed this post though! :)

  2. Hello there! Thanks for visiting my blog during Follow Friday! Too bad I only got the chance to visit your blog today since I was out the whole day yesterday :)

    I love Robert J. Downey - and though I have yet to read Beautiful Creatures; I think he'll make a good fit for Uncle Macon as you described him to be :)

    See you around!

    Gilliene @ Eep! Geek!

  3. Macon is such a great character! I love that we learn more about his past in Beautiful Darkness! :D

  4. You made him sound like such an intiguing character, and I love the name of his dog.

  5. BD was an amazing sequel to Beautiful Creatures although it could have been longer im getting beautiful chaos soon i hope its as good as i think it is


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