Sunday, December 12, 2010

Steampunkery Duel (1)

(from a Gentleman's Duel by Blur  Studio)

Steampunkery Duel
 is a feature of sorts.
Genre vs Genre
Series vs Series
Book Cover vs Similar Book Cover
Author Book vs Another of Their Book
New Release vs New Release
Book vs Movie

Too many Literary wars to name.

Today we want to know what you have to say!


Which book did you prefer and why?


  1. beautiful creatures.
    why? i dont like blue and i think the trees give a more creepy feeling.

  2. I have not read either of these yet (gah ... hanging my head!) but I want to.

  3. I chose Beautiful Creatures. I just love the world building and the budding romance of Lena and Ethan! :)

  4. This is such an awesome feature! Also, I chose Beautiful Creatures - creepy trees > gilded fence. Every time. Seriously, every time. Think of that scene in Beauty and The Beast where the father is trying to get the smart horse down the path with the creepy trees - exactly! That is why the BC cover will always trump the BD cover! :
    Thanks for letting me talk :P

  5. I picked a tie because I haven't read either of them yet! But I can't wait to!

  6. I chose tie, as I also have not read either.

  7. I'll remember to add a have not read answer for next duel.

    Thanks for everyone pointing that out.

    I guess even Mad Scientist miss the obvious a few times.

    Wait, I'm not admitting that! *grin*

  8. I haven't read these books but from the covers I pick Beautiful Darkness. The combination between blue and dark background gives a cold feeling, which I think fits for the book.

  9. I have only read Beautiful Creatures so im voting on covers. I like the cover for Beautiful Creatures way better because of the trees and the color of the font. So i chose Beautiful Creatures.

  10. I haven't read either of these but I choose Beautiful Creature because I found the cover more alluring.

  11. Beautiful Darkness for me! Lol. I have that book, but not BC. :(

  12. I vote for Beautiful Creature because of its cover

  13. I vote for tie since I havent read them yet. They're tie in every aspect...the covers both lovely..I just can't pick one so they tie!!

  14. I vote for Beautiful Creatures!!

  15. I haven't read either book yet, but I much prefer the beautiful creatures cover. Love the spooky trees.

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