Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mad Scientist on a Scientist

Liv - Scientist & Book Lover

The Mad Scientist was pleasantly shocked and interested by the fact 
that there was a Scientist in Beautiful Darkness.
We must of butted heads right away because I could not quite figure out if I enjoyed
Liv's character at the start.

Liv is a brilliant character who loves books and science.
She brings in a whole new bag of possibilities 
and know it all attitude to the wrought iron table.

Well, when you are a Scientist you do feel like you know everything. *grin*

Liv was a intense wedge between Ethan and Lena.
Although, she didn't try to.
However, I really must admit that I enjoyed the wedge.
I was horrified when Lena ran off with... My dears, that would be a spoiler.
But surprised when Ethan turned to Liv in a way I never thought of.


Liv, Link, and Ethan...
The human Trio running through the Caster World to save our dear naughty runaway, Lena.
Ethan you stubborn obsessive male for chasing after her.
Liv thanks to you Ethan had brilliant back up.  I mean... men! 
What would they do with out a woman leading them in the right direction.
Down the wrong path.

All you need to know is that she is the most wonderful Scientist.
And after time I warmed up to her and we are now indeed friends.

I hope you enjoyed Liv as well.

Who does the Mad Scientist think would be the best person to play Liv?
That is a hard call.  

She would have to be stunning.  (Because we all are!)
She would have to send out those vibes of strong presence.
She would have to someone who brings ideas of intelligence to mind.
She would have to have to be a grand leader.
Only one person comes to mind and I do believe it is because of her role now.

Emma Watson ------>
Strong Presence

Who would you pick?
What did you think of Liv?

She was unexpected.
At least for me.
But she was someone who really 
helped the story along.

Mad Thoughts on another Scientist! 


  1. My son would love your choice lol, he is totally smitten by Emma and though I couldn't get him to read a book without pulling teeth I am sure he would watch this movie if she was in it.

  2. Hmmm... Yeah, I think Emma Watson could work but I think the girl who plays Daisy on Bones would be good as well (just too old).

  3. Oh boy do I love Liv! So smart, so brilliant. What a fabulous character. I'm always up for the love triangle though, you know me *wink wink*. You gotta know that if there isn't some kind of drama in the relationship, readers get bored. I felt Liv was an excellent chink. I really do hope that Garcia and Stohl hit on it in the next book.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile


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