Friday, December 24, 2010

Steampunkery Fashion @ Blasphemina's Closet

It is the holiday season and I hope everyone is having a very Happy Holiday thus far.
Enjoying your Christmas Eve,
Wait you are checking out this post!  
Running away from the family for a few moments.  
I understand and I'm guessing you would so I have this very smashing 
fashion post to get you ready for the New Year's Eve Party's!

I know you are dying for New Year's!  
The start to a new beginning.  A new year of reading.
A new year with new debuts authors, books from last year to be read, & challenges that need to be started straight away.

First!  We need to get dressed up and ring in the New Year Properly!
Here are some amazing images of ubber smashing wants that I needed to share with you.

You simply much scroll slowly because they are just
too scrumptious for a minute look over!

Light up your dress with this hair piece!
Simply Stunning!
Perfect for New Years!
How cute!
Can I have 5 of these dresses?
Too Amazing

"Blasphemina's Closet has been known for 10 years as the longest running gothic and lolita clothing online boutique in the west (est. 2000). Praised for her attention to detail and custom clothing for all sizes, Samantha Rei's mission is to bring beauty and fanciness to the masses."
(Taken from ETSY Bio)

Visit at:


  1. Those are some really neat dresses. I just wish I had the body to wear them. LOL

  2. I could never pull these styles off, but I love them! :D

  3. cute dresses.
    I remember all girls who wear it in cosplay

  4. that hair piece is lovely, I'm thinking I might need one myself!

    Mad Scientist

  5. That second to last one is my favorite! I love the sunflower in her hair too, but the color of the dress is gorgeous. Although, don't think Hubby would be too pleased with it. LOL!

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  6. I tried to respond to your other posts but for some reason it wouldn't let me, first of all yes I would follow the other blog, love the name In the Bedchamber and three hopping in to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

    Xmas Eve Follow Friday

  7. Wow these are really beautiful dresses, I love to wear steel boned corsets because of their latest trend and they also help to look more slimmer and fit. Really a nice blog with every post is saying something different. Great share admin.

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