Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mad Scientist Enters the Twitter World

Pleasant Sunday to everyone!
Mad Scientist trusts that you slept well.

I have big news!
Big news for the Mad Scientist and Steampunkery & Book Reviews!

The Mad Scientist is now on Twitter!!

Now with that being said I need to say sorry for any errors while I'm learning how to tweet and retweet and find people.
I'm enjoying it already.

I need some fantastic followers now.
Please stop by and follow the Steampunkery Twitter bird and I'll follow you back!

Can you tweet about the Mad Scientist entering the Twitter World!?!

Take care all of you as we get farther into the Holidays.


  1. Wicked!!=)

    I'm definitely boarding this ship!! @lll808

  2. Welcome to twitter! Thanks for visiting my blog and I will be heading over to twitter now to follow you also...:)


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